10 session package

Forfait 10 séances


10 session package

Package details

  • +2 free sessions ! (Total of 12 sessions)
  • Training with Ronald Zubar and Steeve Elana or a licensed FFF coach.
  • Follow-up and session report with My Coach Pro.
  • Access to ZE Football Academy’s network, as per your need.
  • Full kit : 250 €

“Sibling” discount : 5% off for the second child.
Referral discount : 5% off.

Individual 10 session package pricing

600 €*

VAT included 10 sessions +2 free

Group 10 session package pricing

400 €*

VAT included 10 sessions +2 free

Participate now by downloading the enrolment PDF form below.

*Terms and conditions on the enrolment form, offers subject to availability.

Forfait 10 séances ZE Football Academy




Download the application form and enter your information in the relevant fields.


Once you’ve entered all your information, you can either go directly onto our contact form and send us your application as a PDF attachment or send us an email at contact@ze-football-academy.com


Your application is sent ! A member of our staff will be in touch with you in the next 24 to 48 hours to finalise the enrolment and set up payment.