Frequently Asked Questions

Who can join the ZE Football Academy ?

All students who pass the ZE Football Academy entrance exams.

From what age can one join the ZE Football Academy?

Our student athlete program is for secondary school students (from 11 years old). For younger children, we offer sessions in small groups or individual sessions.

Must I do an entrance trial to join the ZE Football Academy?

Yes, an examination will be conducted to ensure the student can uphold the expectations of our training schedule.

Are all levels of player accepted?

No, students must pass an entrance exam to join the student athlete program. However, if you are not quite there yet, ZE Football Academy can help you make up the lost ground by working in small groups or individually.

Must students be enrolled at IBS of Provence to join the ZE Football Academy?

No, ZE Football Academy will accept students who are enrolled in other schools, including state schools.

What languages are the training sessions conducted in?

The training sessions are conducted in both French and English.

Will ZE Football Academy allow me to join a professional club?

No, ZE Football Academy cannot guarantee that you will succeed in joining a professional club. However, it is certain that each and every student will benefit from the experience and knowledge of a highly qualified professional team that will ensure that each academician has the tools and support necessary. “Let’s not predict the future… let’s build it!”

What is included in the pricing?

See all details on the enrolment form. The kit* for the academicians in our sports program are included in our prices. *excluding goalkeeper gloves and shoes.

Is the ZE Football Academy outfit compulsory?

Absolutely! ZE Football Academy insists that each academician wear the official kits during training sessions.

Are parents allowed to attend sessions?

It is not excluded that parents should be allowed to come and watch the sessions, depending of course on the rules and regulations in place due to CoVID-19.

Are the courses restricted to the members of the ZE Football Academy?

No, the courses are not reserved for our members, but the students enrolled in the ZE Football Academy have priority and are offered preferential prices.

Is the school timetable adjusted for students enrolled at IBS of Provence?

Yes, ZE Football Academy works closely with the school and adjusts the class timetable of our academicians to ensure the best balance between school and sports.

Holidays: when are we off?

The ZE Football Academy plan our holidays in sync with the French school holidays for zone B.