Terms of Sales

General terms and conditions of sale

The present “general terms and conditions for the sale of products or services” apply to the legal acts regarding the services and products commercialised by the Corporation Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY to their clients through their website “the website”.


The words and expressions hereafter will in the present context take the meaning which follows:

Online Store: means the Internet website upon which the Products and Services are displayed and sold to the customers.

Order: means the sales contract for a service or by product agreed upon between the Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY and the client of the Online Boutique of the Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY.

Product File: means the classified information concerning a product supplied by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY for the purpose of selling the aforementioned product.

Product: means all goods and services intended for sale by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY.

Services: means the football and sports sessions sold to the customers by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY.

Transactions: means all operations of sale and purchase, secure transactions, authorisations, and agreements inherent to the payment of the Product price by way of bank card.

Article 1 – Object

The present general terms and conditions for the sale of products or services herein govern and define the terms and conditions within which Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY offer and sell their products to their customers.

These general terms and conditions of sale prevail over any other general or specific terms in any other document, excepting express and written exemption.

Article 2 – Agreement to the conditions

The customer admits having been made aware, at the time of the order, of the present general terms and conditions of sale and declares unreserved agreement to these conditions. The terms and conditions herein govern the contractual relations between Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY and the client, wherein both parties accept unreservedly.

Article 3 – Products
Article 3.1 – Services

“Services” means the sport and football sessions offered by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY. These services are presented on the online store but can also be presented by any other means.

Article 3.2 – By products

Most of the products offered by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY on their online store to customers will be available within 15 days. However, all the products commercialised by the Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY may or may not be the object of an online sale.

Article 4 – Order

The automated registration system constitutes proof of the nature, content, and date of the order. Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY will provide order confirmation by way of sending the customer a confirmation e-mail to the address provided. The sale will be concluded only upon communication of the aforementioned order confirmation.

Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY reserves the right to cancel or refuse any order that a customer makes, namely in case of insolvency on the part of the customer, in case of delayed or faulty payment in regards to the order or any previous order, or in case of any litigation or dispute relative to a previous order.

The information provided by the customer inherent to the making of the order holds the customer accountable. Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY will not be held responsible for any mistakes committed by the customer in the wording of the contact details of the recipient (such as delivery or billing address) resulting in delivery delays or failure in delivery.

Article 5 – Enrolment to the services

Enrolment can be made on the online store or directly. Enrolment made through the online store web page does not constitute conclusion of contract.

In the case of enrolment made through the online store, Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY must contact the potential customer at the latest within two weeks of enrolment.

Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY have the right to refuse an enrolment made through the Online Store. In that case, Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY must cancel payment or proceed to reimburse the customer if payment has already been made.

Article 6 – Delivery of the by-products

After order confirmation and subject to perfect payment of the product price, Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY commits to the shipment of the by-products constituting the order to the customer with a maximum delay of 60 business days.

All Products stipulated in the Orders made to Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY are destined for personal use of the customers, or any persons mentioned by name in the delivery address.

If need be, the customer commits to payment of all taxes, rights, and/or other shipping duties or charges present and future; it being understood that Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY shall in no way be held responsible for making said payments.

The customers or recipients of the Products are prohibited from any partial or total resale of the Products.

Delivery will be made via “La Poste” or “DPD”, subject to customer’s choice. Our product pricing including VAT excludes any “Delivery Fee”.

In case of delays in delivery exceeding seven (7) days, the Customer may resolve the contract by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt, unless case of force majeure. However, this right will be waived after a period of sixty (60) business days following the contractually stated delivery date.

Upon reception of the ordered Product, the customer or intended recipient must check the general condition of the package and any damage and shall take notice of the conditions of use indicated on the provided user guide.

In the event that one or several of the ordered Products were missing or damaged, the Customer will have to inform the shipping company at the time of delivery.

In case of apparent defects, the client has a right of return, in the case of regular use as indicated in the user manual.

For reasons of Product availability, one Order could mean several successive deliveries to the Customer. In the event that the Customer wishes to have Products delivered to two distinct addresses, the Customer must make two separate Orders

Article 7 – Withdrawal

The Customer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 15 days of enrolment to the Services.

Concerning the by-products, the Customer has the right to return the Products to Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY within 30 days of delivery for purposes of exchange or refund. In this event, the Customer must send back the Products new, unused, intact, and complete with all eventual accessories, user manuals and documentation.

The Customer must make a request by way of e-mail to contactzefootballacademy@gmail.com . Our team will provide a goods reference number that shall be clearly displayed on the returning package.

Upon reception by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY and after a quality control check-up we will proceed to the refund or exchange, as requested.

When exercising the right of withdrawal, Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY commits to reimburse the sum paid by the Customer without any fees, excluding returning fees.

Reimbursement will be made within a maximum of 30 days.

All custom-made Product (flocking, embroidery, sublimation…) that has been delivered will NOT give right to refund or exchange.

Article 8 – Price

The price is given in Euro.

The price is indicated on the Enrolment Form or the Product Files.

Concerning the Products, the price does not include transportation fees.

The price indicated in the Order confirmation is the final price, including all taxes and VATs. This price is comprised by Product price, handling and packaging fees, postage costs, and set up feese.

Article 9 – Payment

The price invoiced to the Customer is the price indicated by the Order confirmation given by Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY.

The product price is payable the day of the order by way of one of the means of payment offered on the Online Site.

The Order validated by the customer will be considered effective only when the secured bank payment centre has given its approval on the transaction, and, if necessary, following acceptance by the insurance company of any risk costs.

Article 10 – Session procedure

The smooth running of sessions depends on scrupulous respect of the start and finish times that Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY communicates to customers.

In case the customer cannot participate in the sessions, they must inform Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY within the best delays, by any means necessary.

However, the coaches at the Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY may modify the general organisation of the sessions (schedule, activities…) at any point and at their discretion to ensure smooth running of the sessions.

Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY recommends that you do not bring any valuables to the sessions. Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY will not be held responsible in case of theft or loss of property. Furthermore, all dangerous objects are firmly prohibited.

The children will use the shuttle provided by the IBS school to travel to the sports complexes where the sessions are conducted. Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY cannot be held responsible for any accident occurring outside of the field, namely any accidents happening during transit.

Article 11 – Medical data and safety measures

The Customer must indicate at the point of enrolment all contra-indications, allergies, and necessary health information. Medical treatment will be autonomously taken but we remind that no child will be allowed to take medication of any sort unless prior proof of a medical prescription to staff.

The coaches are authorised to take any measures they deem necessary to guarantee the safety and health of the child (for instance, calling emergency services and providing first-aid care).

Article 12 – Applicable legislation

The present terms and conditions of services and sale are subject to French law.

Article 13 – Responsibility

Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY cannot be held responsible for damages of any nature, whether material, immaterial, or corporeal, that might result of bad use or malfunction of the commercialised Products. The same shall apply to any potential modifications of products made by manufacturers.

Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY’s responsibility will, in any event, be limited to the price of the order and will not be put in question for simple mistakes or omissions that might subsist despite all due diligence taken to offer products. In case of a dispute relative to the discharge of the present contract, the customer and Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY has the possibility to seek an amicable solution before taking any legal action.

If no friendly solutions are encountered between the parties, the Commercial Court of Monaco shall have sole jurisdiction in respect of any litigation, no matter what the shipping address may be and/or the accepted means of payment.

Article 14 – Guarantee

In any event, Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY may not be held responsible for any failure to comply with any legal or statutory provision in force in the country of delivery. The responsibility of Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY shall be systematically limited to the value of the Products held liable at the date of sale, and with no possibility for filing claims against the brand name or Product manufacturer

In any event, the Customer has the benefit of the legal guarantee on eviction and hidden defects as set out by Articles 1625 and onwards of the French Civil Code.

The Customer can contact our customer service by e-mail at EMAIL Answer time: 48/72 hours.

Article 15 – Legal mentions

Intelligence information collected for purposes of distance selling is required, this information being essential for processing and delivery of orders and correct invoicing. Non-disclosure of personal information will lead to non-validation of an Order.

In accordance with the law relative to “Computers and Freedom”, the processing of personally identifiable information gathered from the Online Website is subject to formal declaration registered with the National commission for information technology and civil liberties (CNIL).

The Customer has the right at any time to access, modify, correct, and delete their personal data (article 34 of the law January 6th 1978) and may exercise this right via Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY. Furthermore, Z.E FOOTBALL ACADEMY commits to refraining from releasing any Customer information to third parties, whether free of charge or in exchange of payment.